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How to Get the Biker Look

When we talk about having a stylish look the first image which comes to our minds is a girl/guy standing in proper suits and slim silk ties but this look is not the only stylish look. Multiple other styles also can look stylish without having an exact such appearance, biker look being one. It’s fun to ride a motorcycle. Bikers, in all of their forms, consist of males and females who love speed, bikes, and leather outfits. Biker culture is currently the most widely practiced subculture on the planet, encompassing both weekend riders and others who make a living as bikers. Biker apparel is currently at an all-time high in popularity, with many brands including such outfits in their collections. Here are some ideas that might help you in having your desired biker look.

Leather Jacket

Bikers in Jackets

Start wearing a leather jacket, check out vintage and resale shops for the same. If you can’t find any old leather biker wear, buy a new leather jacket and beat it up until it looks like it’s been worn for years. A jacket that looks old has a different touch which complements the entire biker look.

Leather Boots

Boots are considered to be the most important game-changer. Leather boots are a must-have for both men and women. Boots should be black or brown, with a buckle around the outside ankle and up the top of the boot, as well as a heel to better grip the bike’s pegs. Men’s boots can reach the mid-calf. Boots that go up to about the knees can be worn by a biker girl. Do not forget that boots should be comfortable even with such specific functions for your good.

bikers boots

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Denim Jeans

Wear black or grey denim jeans. Guys must avoid skinny or baggy jeans. tears or rips to the jeans will create a decent yet vibrant look. Wearing a black leather belt with your denim jeans is always a great touch. one should Avoid wearing too much denim at once as it will give you a shabby look which is not recommended.

Black is the Key

Wearing black boots, a black jacket, black jeans will always make up a perfect biker look. You can also pair it with white sometimes but black looks the best. Do not mix up bright colors with black when you want a tough biker look as wearing too many colors might turn the biker look off.


Chain Wallet

Get yourself a chain wallet. Nothing makes a biker more nervous than having his wallet fall out while riding. The chain wallet has become a must-have for bikers who want to protect their bank, credit, and library cards and money. Clasp the latch end of the chain wallet around the front belt loop of denim jeans to secure it. Tuck the wallet, which is at the other end of the chain, into the jeans’ back pocket.


Obtain a tattoo. Tattoos are an essential part of the biker look, but you must choose artwork that is suitable for bikers, avoid unrelated ones. Tattoos with tribal designs, Japanese characters, or something written in a different language will not work. For best performance, repeat this process many times as having multiple tattoos will give a wild and rough look. Skulls, fire, wings, weapons, eagles, motorcycles, or a combination of those themes will be needed for men. Skulls, stars, flowers, arms, and pinup should all be considered by ladies depending upon their preferences.

bikers tattoos

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Get the look you want with your hair. Ordinary crew cuts aren’t going to cut it. Bikers need rugged hair to go with their tough demeanor. Ladies must find a look that can withstand the windy road conditions while remaining sexy once the journey is completed. Guys should think about growing a beard and/or long hair. It’s best to get started on this move right away because growing long biker hair can take years.

Hair Style


Get a biker’s body. You may want to lift some weights to help you bulk up and blend in. Guys, in particular, should strive to increase their muscle mass. Curls and push-ups are good for biceps since most bikers have heavy bodies. Ladies should strive for a more toned physique, especially in their arms. To prepare your legs for riding, do some lunges, squats, and calf raises.

You should dress like a hardcore biker whether you ride a Harley, bullet or not. To achieve the biker look, you’ll need to put in some effort and make some significant improvements to your appearance and by following these steps you can achieve that proper biker look.

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