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Top Most Successful Bike Rental Company in India

The advent of bike rental company in India has provided a fantastic chance for all bike aficionados to travel around the nation in comfort, convenience, and at a reasonable cost. People may now explore a new city on a leased bike of their choosing, allowing them to have a fun ride without having to worry about bike upkeep.

India’s Bike Rental Business Opportunity

The market for online bike rental services is expanding at a healthy rate. A growing number of startups are interested in creating successful bike rental platforms that offer unique services.

The main target audience of such bike rental startups is bike enthusiasts and travellers. Adventurers like riding their bikes and discovering new locations. Owning a high-end motorcycle such as a Royal Enfield, Duke KTM, or Harley Davidson may be expensive. People appreciate the idea of renting a bike and riding it whenever they want. To differentiate themselves from their competition, the businesses have begun to provide similar rental services for items such as motorcycle jackets, gloves, cameras, and other gear. People are using bike rental services for a variety of reasons, including transportation.

Not just for tourism, but also for personal and work commutes, people are turning to bike rental services. The Indian market for two-wheeler rental startups is ripe with opportunities, and new rental app platforms are igniting a new passion among city dwellers.

You can rent a variety of bikes for different time periods depending on your needs and preferences. The following are some of the most common rental periods given by bike rental apps:

  1. Approximately 4 hours
  2. Rental Period: 24 Hours
  3. Rental Period: 48 Hours
  4. Rental Period: 72 Hours
  5. 1 Month , Week 1 

The cost of renting a bike is determined by the length of time and type of bike you select. Companies have also begun to provide customised timetables that are tailored to the needs of their clients.

What is the Function of a Typical Bike Rental App Platform?

Bike rental app platforms make hiring a two-wheeler simple, convenient, and on-demand. The vast majority of them have applications for both Android and iOS. Users may manage their accounts, check nearby bike stations, identify available bikes, make bookings, and pay securely using such applications. There are only a few simple steps to the entire procedure:

  • To begin, the user must first register using an app or website.
  • The pickup location and booking date may be entered on the home page of a bike rental app.
  • The user can then look at a list of available motorcycles.
  • The bike details page provides more information on the selected bike to aid in the selecting process.
  • After selecting a bike, the user can customise it with accessories if desired.
  • The user is then taken to the review cart page, where they may read through the whole booking before paying.
  • Finally, on the payments page, the user may select a payment method and complete the transaction to finalise the reservation.
  • After completing the booking, the rider has the option of picking it up from a nearby bike station or having it delivered to his home for an additional fee.
  • When the rider is finished with the bike, he or she returns it to a designated bike station.
  • The platform administrator can monitor the activities of all the bikes and their riders in real time.

Let’s take a look at some of India’s most popular bike rental app platforms and marketplaces right now.


ZipHop, an online rental network for motorcycles and self-drive automobiles that began in Goa, has expanded its operations to Bengaluru and Mumbai. Ankit Chaturvedi, Apoorv Agarwal, Dushyant Singh, Sudhanshu Saxena, and Sumit Hablani founded ZipHop in November 2015 as a four-step online booking service to have an amazing journey. From the Honda Activa to the Harley Davidson, riders may pick from a wide range of bikes on its platform and enjoy a stress-free journey. The firm also provides riders with a free helmet and 24-hour roadside support. ZipHop, as a bootstrapped bike rental firm, seeks to strengthen its presence in existing cities while also introducing bicycle rental services in the future.

Wicked Ride

On May 29, 2014, this is another name among the popular bike rental startups in Bengaluru, which began with a fleet of only 8 two-wheelers. Anil G, Varun Agni, and Vivekananda Hallekere, the company’s founders, now operate in ten locations across India. Wicked Ride obtained its first round of angel investment of 5 crore in April 2015, despite being a bootstrapped firm at the time. Wicked Ride has raised $8.98 million (INR 60.9 crore) in a new investment round headed by venture capital companies Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners, according to a recent report.


Agam Raghav and Shailza Singh, a brother and sister duo, founded this online self-drive bike rental platform to help people rent well-maintained, high-quality bikes with minimal paperwork. It provides roadside assistance across India to ensure the safety and convenience of riders. RenTrip is unusual in that it provides riders with a lounge facility in Guwahati. Riders may relax, recharge, and have fun in the lounge at no additional cost while on a ride. RenTrip’s long-term strategy is to provide more value to customers while also expanding the company.


RentOnGo is an online platform for renting self-drive two-wheelers, electronic equipment, furniture, costumes, accessories, computers, cameras, and musical instruments. It was founded in 2012 by Nikhil Chhabra and Vikas Jalan. Condivision Solutions Pvt. Ltd., situated in Bengaluru, operates this platform, which is available in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai. Its Android app may be used to reserve a bike for a day or longer. The firm began with self-funding and has since grown significantly. RentOnGo received money from TVS Motor Company in 2017 to enhance its operations, technological platform, and marketing. The organisation intends to grow regionally after establishing a stronger presence in the locations where it already operates.


Wheelstreet, one of India’s most popular bike-rental firms, operates on an aggregated fleet approach. Pranay Srivastava, Moksha Srivastava, and Mrityunjay Jha created the firm. This platform has attempted to make self-drive two-wheelers available to individuals across India since its inception in June 2014, allowing anyone to enjoy a bike ride without the difficulties of buying and maintaining one. Both their app and website can be used to make reservations. It also features a vendor application that allows them to manage their fleet and accounts. It has grown from a four-person startup with 200 motorcycles in Bengaluru to a business with certified sellers in 18 major cities throughout India. and almost 10,000 bicycles In addition to its current business strategy, the Wheelstreet team has offered tours. The team’s long-term goal is to expand their bike rental company by providing rental services for tour accoutrements such as tents, gear, and jackets. They also seek to extend their business in other Asian nations due to the enormous market potential.

Bringing This Adventure to a Close

Self-drive bike rentals provide a handy transportation choice at a reasonable rate for going to another city or strolling about to discover new locations. Due to its growing popularity, the bike rental market in India is attracting an increasing number of startups. Not only startups, but also venture capitalists and angel investors are interested in testing the Indian bike rental market to see if it has the potential to triple in the next few years. They simply don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to invest in a great bike rental company.

In a nutshell, India’s bike rental industry is rapidly expanding. Mobisoft provides on-demand bike rental app development services to help you operate a profitable two-wheeler rental business by leveraging mobile technology.

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