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Revolt RV400 Complete Review: Price, Top Speed, Mileage, and Specs

An Indian start-up named ‘Revolt Motors‘ declared its ambitions to join the Indian two-wheeler industry with its first-ever motorcycle, the all-electric Revolt RV400, seemingly out of nowhere.

People are expecting a lot from the Revolt RV400 now that it is out, particularly in terms of real-world range and performance. Here’s our in-depth assessment of the motorbike, which sheds some light on what the Revolt RV400 has to offer for consumers of next-generation two-wheeler

  • Dimension

The Revolt RV400 is about the size of a 150cc sports commuter motorbike, being 2,156 mm long, 813 mm wide, and 1,112 mm tall. The RV400 is 215mm above the ground.

  • Features

The RV 400 is a motorcycle that comes with a remote key and a power button to start it. the remote key allows the locking and unlocking of the motorbike. A linked app also allows the user to give a swipe to start function, riding history, battery level, swapping station location, and allows the rider to choose between exhaust notes. The completely digital display displays all ride-related information as well as indications 

  • Appearance and performance 

The Revolt RV 400 may have been a fully-faired motorbike. But it isn’t, even with it is fully covered. The Revolt RV400 is powered by a 3 kW mid-drive electric motor with a maximum torque output of roughly 170 Nm. Unlike a traditional petrol-powered motorbike, the Revolt RV400 provides immediate torque from the first twist of the throttle.

The Revolt RV400 is powered by a 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery, which has a maximum riding range of 150 km and takes 4.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100% using an AC power supply. The battery may also be charged using a DC power supply, which can charge it from 0% to 75% in about 3 hours.

The RV 400, which weighs 108 kilos, looks to be well-built, and we appreciated the overall fit and finish. The designers took Indian circumstances. the RV 400 has 215 mm of ground clearance. The 37mm USD forks, an aluminium-finished swingarm, and the all-LED lighting components upfront. The RV 400’s unique selling point is that it has four sound settings that simulate the exhaust note of a large-capacity motorbike and broadcast it through a speaker. 

The Revolt RV400 may be operated in one of three riding modes: Eco, Normal, or Sports. While the Eco mode gives the scooter a peak speed of 45 kmph and a range of 150 km, the Normal mode gives it a top speed of 65 kmph and a range of 100 km. In sports mode, the Revolt RV400 has a peak speed of 85 kmph and a riding range of 80 kilometres.

  • Riding and Handling

The Revolt RV 400 has a firm suspension for an electric bike. While it improves handling, it isn’t as comfortable as a commuter motorbike. the seat height of 814 mm, it will be suitable for riders taller than 5.4′′. 

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However, Stopping power is provided by 240 mm discs at the front and rear, which are controlled by a Combi-braking system. Braking power is acceptable for the speeds this bike is capable of, and regenerative braking adds a bit more fuel to the batteries with each lever grip. The stepped seat is comfy and well-padded, and the RV 400 can carry a maximum weight of 150 kg with a pillion. The footpegs are adjustable, to provide a more relaxed riding position.


  1. The bike may be charged using a 15amp power supply via the side-mounted connector.
  2. If the bike cannot be charged near the source, the battery can be removed and charged indoors.
  3. In the event of an emergency, a vehicle will arrive with a replacement battery in roughly 90 minutes.


The Revolt RV400 has priced at Rs 1.25 lakh (ex-showroom, India) in all locations where Revolt Motors operates. There is just one full-spec model of the Revolt RV400.


  • A weight of 108kg kerb makes city manoeuvring a breeze.
  • The ground clearance is 220mm, which is the same as the Hero XPulse 200!
  • Affordably priced financing strategy unlike anything else on the market.


  • Throttle response is jerky, particularly in Sport mode.
  • Certain plastic pieces have a fragile feel to them.

Should You Purchase It: Yes

You should acquire the Revolt RV400 not just because you want to be an early adopter of electric cars, but also because it is a fun alternative to a commuting motorbike. Furthermore, it has a slew of linked features and luxury components that your average 125cc just does not have.

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The Revolt RV400 is an honest attempt by the Indian start-up Revolt Motors, and at Rs 1.25 lakh, it is reasonably priced for a modern electric motorbike. The RV400 appears relatively normal for a modern electric motorbike, making it appealing to even old-school riders who don’t want their motorcycles to appear overly sophisticated or wildly fast.

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